Nikola Vukotić


Born in Belgrade, Serbia, Nikola Vukotić (22) is fast becoming one of the best sports designers with a high amount of reputation across the globe.

School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science graduate. Huge basketball fanatic and a die-hard fan of Los Angeles Lakers and Kobe Bryant. Enjoys playing basketball, working out and NBA 2K.

It all started for him 3 years ago in 2012. He's a self-taught artist who is developing a hobby, spending countless hours designing just for fun. He is very passionate about basketball, so his main wallpapers/designs are related to basketball, also sometimes he does some other sports designs. Focused at mastering the skills of minimal design with maximum usability. Mostly his inspiration comes from seeing some amazing works of other great designers, and they inspire him to do something original. It doesn't work always, but when it does it looks good.

In January 2014, Nikola assembled NBA artwork/design team called "Dimers" with 9 other sports designers.

For more information, or ways to contact Nikola please don't hesitate to check out his Twitter account, VN Design's Twitter account or Facebook page.



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